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The Extravaganza, and Home

My footprints are all over the globe, as I’ve trekked and trawled and slipped and stumbled in snow and rain and cyclonic winds. But also blue skies; bitterly cold, but blue. I’ve seen land locks and mountains and oceans, sailed canals and lakes, bathed in history, and seen four countries in one day. Tonight I’m…… Continue reading The Extravaganza, and Home


16 Things 2016 Taught Me

1. Better late than never. If your assignment’s 3 days late, still do it. If the soccer match started 5 minutes ago and you’re just pulling up, play extra hard. If you’re 20 minutes late to brunch- thanks your friend for waiting. Actually, just try to stop doing that last one. 2. How to pour…… Continue reading 16 Things 2016 Taught Me