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Thunder, A Companion

The thunder by my bedside, Rocking me to sleep, Reminds me that we asked The rivers to run deep. Prayed for clouds to shade our skin, To pour upon our earth, Please, clouds, keep giving, Prepare for day’s rebirth.   This thunder by my bedside, Shouting by my ear, Shaking my old bedframe, I listen,…… Continue reading Thunder, A Companion


Eclectic Electric

Sailing over a bitumen ocean, caught by a wind, the world whips by and whispers as I cut through. Each passed house long asleep, a gentle piano tune is carrying heartbreak in script, volume loud enough to sing along to and pretend the stars a stadium, full, above my windscreen. The sky lights, illuminating each…… Continue reading Eclectic Electric


Night Owl, Early Bird

When your to do list yearns to see the sun wake the world and feel the crisp chill of the morning air, and simultaneously aches to skip to the star strewn late night sky, driving into a dark horizon with the windows down, you face the decision between a late night and an early start.…… Continue reading Night Owl, Early Bird